How to Come

On the road to Larissa beach

On the map there below you can select the starting point or the nearest point from the starting point between the Athens , Thessaloniki , or Larissa and then the coastal area between the Agiokampos Velika , Polydendri Rakopotamos , Paliouria Koutsoupia ,
Red Water , Stomio and finally Messagala Kastri Loutro .

The routes were selected based on mileage and category of the roads priority highways and immediately after the country roads.

If your starting point is the Larissa and destination the Paliouria , the Koutsoupia , or Kokkino Nero you can either choose the route through Tempe as shown in the map or the route via Agiokampos which is about the same mileage, toll-free but with more pieces country road.

See also the Costaline road trip which begins from Larissa and reaches Agiokampo where you can go if you want south to Polydendri and Rakopotamos , or north to Sotiritsa , Velika , Paliouria , Koutsoupia , Kokkino Nero and spout !

Transportation to the Larissa beach

If you come outside Larissa you can choose to either train or bus to Larissa.
From Larissa to reach a coastal area you choose the bus Larissa which especially during summer months make connections about every hour.

Distances and travel time to and from the beaches of Larissa

The journey times from Larissa to the coast and vice versa ranges from half to two hours, depending where you want to go and the day you make the path as weekends the traffic is booming.
The distances range from 50 up to 80 km depending on destination and the choice of route.

Transportation by the plane

Have a nice trip!