Useful Telephones

Police Stations

Police Station of Agia+302494022300
Police Station of Eurymenoi+302495091206
Police Station of Kato Olympus+302495041111


Health center of Agia+302494022222
Health center of Sotiritsa+302494051111

Health Clinics

Health Clinic of Melivia+302494031203
Health Clinic of Eurimenoi+302495091214
Health Clinic of Kato Olumpus+302495041205
Health Clinic of Messagala+302495097555


Pharmacy of Sotiritsa+302494052300
Pharmacy of Stomio+302495091385
Pharmacy of Rapsani+302495061319

Port Authorities

Port Authority station of Agia+302494052222

Forest authorities

Forest authority station of Eutymenoi2495092206

Post offices

Post office of Agia+302494031710

Greek Tourism Organisations

Greek Tourism Organisation of Larissa+302410597216


Bus station (KTEL) of Larissa+302410567600
TAXI station of Agia+302494022324