Canoe Kayak

Crossing navigable sections of rivers or natural and artificial lakes with two-seater fiberglass canoe-kayak. The canoe-kayak bear special seat for
children, property makes the ideal activity for families.

Delta of Peneus river: A calm, but in all respects in recreational sliding in the rich waters of the Peneus to the mouth of the Aegean Sea. A tour
which brings us into contact with the mythology of the region and its rich flora and fauna of the wetland . The descent takes about two hours and ends
at point Strintzos , endless sandy beach.

Valley of Tempi: Penaeus offers a beautiful rafting route through the valley of Tempe . A route of exceptional beauty passes 1st and 2nd degree of
difficulty for those wishing to discover the secrets of an earthly paradise . The route is ideal for beginners , children and older people.

  • Sailing duration: 2 hours
  • Period of implementation: all year