Festival of apples

In Agia in early September is organized the Apple Festival, a seven-day fair, religious ceremonies, rich musical events and presentation of the basic product of apple. The apple has a special prestige not only among fruits but without any exaggeration in the history of mankind. The festival of Agia
not feast was called Apple Fest, but Big Festival because the municipality was holy and had 21 villages that came and made several purchases. 1. shop the dowry for the girls who had to marry. 2.Bought animals because at that time there were no machines for cultivation. 3. The most important of which came the visitors was Saint Anthony who was the most miraculous healer and the mentally ill, the “famous” chains on the back of the church where they are and even where tied the sick for 40 days. Saint Anthony of “tamed” by touching them with his hands and calm. Every year established the Feast Holiness parallel with the celebration of the patron Saint Anthony of Veria and St. Anthony the hermit, because at that time the harvest begins apples.Since 1966 established and Milos Festival.

The Municipality of Agia paying particular attention to this fact with so much activity in this direction, it seems seriously thinking of becoming Milos International Centre with particular weight on apple through Greek Mythology, and apple diet, apple and fine arts apple and tales, apple and
technologies of mind.