Chestnut’s festival

In graphical village Karitsa, located at an altitude of 250 meters on the lush slopes of Kissavos the third week of October each year takes place the Chestnut Festival. Before about 13 years a group of women of Karitsa their need to raise the production of chestnuts, initially at county level but much more at Thessaly, began an event with exhibits of product as a sweet, baked and boiled chestnuts and with presenting photographic material from its production process. Then, over the years, the event was filled by scientists and researchers speeches in order to improve the production of the product. Gradually this event was consolidated, becoming today an important cultural institution.

The Chestnut Festival visitors have the opportunity to attend musical events and theater performances, to experience the traditional feast of the region, to visit exhibitions of traditional farming tools, taste exceptional quality and taste roasted and boiled chestnuts. Still, visitors
distributed souvenirs clay with Hunan chestnuts.