Festival of Marinos Antypas

The memory of the fighter Marinos Antipas is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of March with thanksgiving, wreath laying, speech, brief history agonist and distribution boards souvenirs to visitors. When Marinos Antipas at 1906 came in the area of ??Tempi, the situation of the poor and oppressed peasants
was dramatic since after the liberation from the Turks in 1881, wealthy Greeks from various areas bought huge areas in Thessaly from Turkish officials,creating a new class things: the landlords.

The Marinos Antipas supported the rural world and encouraged him to strongly demand the distribution of estates and the transfer of ownership to themselves, and proceeded in a series of pioneering movements in favor of farmers: ceded land to pastures, gave permission to villagers They build
houses, exempted from the delivery of the entire harvest obligation konaki and fiery sermons in favor of the oppressed kolligon and need intervention of the state to direct regulation of the problem brought him into conflict with the landlords. In March 1907, a year after the arrival in the region,
announced the murder of the Pirgetos.

Marinos Antipas was buried by his desire in the village Omolio, where today It is placed the bust in the courtyard of the newly built church of Agios Athanasios. The Municipality of Agia which is currently owned by the local Community Omolio honors agonist Marino Antipa every year with various
events in his honor.