Festival of mushrooms

Over the last three years organized at Sklithro, at school (in the settlement), the Feast of the mushroom from the embellishment and Sklithrioton Cultural Association in collaboration with the association “Friends of the Forest & Mykitochloridas” (Mushroom friends of Thessaly) and support of the Region of Thessaly (Larissa Peripheral unit) and the Municipality of Agia.

The Mushroom friends of Sklithro gathered to exchange knowledge and experiences for mushrooms, try manitarogefseis and enjoy the natural beauty of the area in search of wild mushrooms in the beautiful forest of montenegro.

The event includes a lecture by researcher-author Mr. George Konstantinidis rules for collection of edible wild mushrooms, recognition and ways -taftopoiisis collection, dash into the woods to find mushrooms, tasting (offered mushroom, mushroom, grilled mushrooms) and outdoor activities
for children (climbing tower, flying fox, aerial passage spider net, archery).