Ampelakia is a historical village, built at the foot of Kissavos and northeast of Larissa, the entrance to theTempi valley. The name came from the many minor vines that were formerly in the region.

Not ascertain the exact time of establishment of Ambelakia. They experienced great economic boom and gained an excellent reputation in the 18th and early 19th century. Cause was the development of industry and trade of cotton fabrics and red threads.

In the late 18th century. the whole business is systematized by establishing the “Company of Ambelakia”, the first financial-founded organization in cooperative basis. Unfortunately, the “companion” was dissolved in 1811 in an atmosphere of financial abuse, internal conflict and litigation.

The village has been declared a landmark for the entire architectural heritage. Ideal for surfing, while the view of the valley of Tempe and the plain of Thessaly is amazing.