Anatoli (east) emerges beautiful and picturesque (older name Selitsiani), is built on the slope of Kissavos at an altitude of 950 m. every morning admiring the wonderful colors of the east. It is 41 km. far away from Larissa and 18 km far away from Dimitra village. The establishment dates back to
Byzantine era and the difficult years of the 13th century. abandoned or deserted. The newcomers had come from the village Vathirema near Gerakari today after it was destroyed by the Turks in 1423. In
past thrived produce white yarns and its famous wine, while there were also goldsmiths workshops. Today the inhabitants of that reaching 500 people are mainly farmers and ranchers.

The visitors meets the water sources in positions “Giatriko”, “Vryses” in the village “Vrysi Chalkias.” The top of the Kissavos “Prophet Elias “is about 1.30” from Anatoli where thrives
the famous tea Kissavos. Other particular points of view is the position “Panagia” with view to the sea, the Monastery of St. John overlooking it Thessaly plain and position “Karliagki” above the village overlooking the sea and the plain of Thessaly. The forest area is overgrown with beech and fir here find shelter wild boars, deer, hares, partridges, pheasants, woodcocks, wolves etc.