Ano Sotiritsa

Ano Sotiritsa (Ano means Upper), older name Kapisa, located on the slopes of mount Ossa at an altitude of 420 m. and a distance of 46 km. far away from Larissa, 3 km. far away from the Melivia. Also located 6 km. From the seaside village Kato Sotiritsa (Kato means Lower). It named after the small church of the Transfiguration of Sotiros (Jesus) located just outside the village. The first inhabitants of the village were seven families They settled 200 years ago and engaged in felling of
Oak, etc .. Then around 1880 was cooperative lumberjacks Kapistas. Main income of the inhabitants
It was from farming, cultivating vines, olives and breeding silkworm. Today is agriculture, livestock, fisheries and tourism activities.

At 1970s the village was abandoned slowly – slowly and residents They migrated. Most people went to the beach where They located and most rural occupations and there created the coastal settlement Sotiritsa. In recent years, there has been much effort redevelopment of the village with the renovation of the square and Great Fountain, old abandoned houses, two traditional taverns
and hostels.