The Kallipefki located at Lower Olympus and NE of Larissa prefecture. It is built at an altitude of 1,100 m. and is surrounded by dense forests of beech,oak, fir and pine. In the nice pine forests due to its name. It belongs to Gonnoi. Until 1911 the village is mirrored in the lake Askyridos. This year the lake was drained for farming and gave 5,000 acres of land.

Over the past decade strongly discussed the reopening of the lake for reasons of ecological balance, environment and tourist development of Lower Olympus. Since ancient times the passage Kallipefki constituted from Macedonia to Thessaly. From here Xerxes passed numerous troops (480 BC) and the
Roman army (169 BC Markis Philip). During the Turkish occupation it had about six thousand inhabitants, was bishop.

Guests who will come to Kallipefki will come across wonderful scenery. The forest is a huge park with trails, forest roads, clear waters and chapels scattered on the slopes and in clearings. Recreation areas such as the Trinity and Patomeni (refreshment) will delight every visitor.

Football fields and basketball and three playgrounds will meet the needs of children and young people. On the paved village square and under the plane trees anyone can enjoy coffee, tsipouro and food and admire the stone church of St. Theodore. Since 1996 works in Kallipefki and camping freedom scout Larissa and prepares its own and the Cathedral.