Karitsa, is built on a hillside at an altitude of Kissavos 250 m. And is characterized by dense vegetation and endless views the sea. The first settlement was near Oikonomeio Monastery of St. Demetrios. The residents moved to the current location of the village due plague near the 10th century. BC

Main occupations of the residents of the village is the production chestnuts and olives, fishing and tourism. The village is famous for its festival of Chestnut that takes place in mid-October in square, where Guests can enjoy free roasted chestnuts and have fun in the feast. Very rich is the flora and fauna of the region, which one can enjoy making long walks on the peaks “Agia Triada”
“Prophet Elias” and “Dragasta “and the paths to small and desolate beaches (Platia Ammos,Panagia, Kalivi, Psarolakas). The “Agrioprino” in 4 km. far away from the village, is the ideal recreation area and access made by the country road Karitsa to Spilia village. The rich waters justify
the existence of the watermill and numerous bridges.