Krania is classified as mountain area and a traditional settlement.It has an altitude of 620m, is the Larisa 51.2 km. And is the most mountainous area of the municipality.

Krania is located on the east side of Lower Olympus. Krania burnt down by the Turks on April 1 of the year 1822, it retains many aspects of traditional culture. Recent years have seen efforts to develop the village, the execution of infrastructure projects and cultural activities of embellishment club.
On summers Krania is preferred by many as a holiday destination.

Besides its artistic development, blossoming and presents production of weavers – silk, cotton and wool, since the point

“Kerxanades” was the great dyers for epichromatismo weavers using bulbs rizari yolk, wimp, walnut leaves and others.

Perhaps owes its name to the plant “dogwood” of the Umbelliferae family of kraneidion of Greek flora, the “Kranea the Male ‘, with greenish branches known as helmets, Kraneia and helmets, which grows abundantly in the fringes of Lower Olympus and height of about 700 meters.