Pyrgetos village in the northeastern part of the prefecture of Larissa, with a permanent population of 2,000 residents is a key commercial and cultural center. It is a beautiful village amphitheatrically built at the foot of Olympus, which combines the charm and natural wealth with its modern infrastructure and public services in small urban centers.

It has schools of all levels, Post Office, Bank, ground books, Police station, Veterinary clinic, Office of Agriculture, Rural Surgery and many commercial shops, leisure, sports and entertainment. Also in Pyrgetos there is the town hall, indoor gym “Pyrros Dimas” Elderly Branch and Citizen
Service Center.

In the village center stands the statue of Marinos Antipas who fought for agrarian reform and Pirgetos assassinated in March 1907. The unveiling of the statue made in 1985 on the initiative of the Cultural Association of Pyrgetos.

The inhabitants are mainly engaged in farming production, construction activity, tourism and services, and many are active in various cultural and sports organizations.

Particularly picturesque are the chapels Pyrgetos really planted in beautiful wooded areas and special beauty is the “Petrogefyro”.