Sklithro is built in the altitude of 435 m., in the verdant Mavrovouni, between Kissavos and Pelion. According to local tradition in this place existed a perennial alder, which gave him the name. It is 57km. far away from Larissa and 30 km. from the Agia and the population does not exceed 200 people. The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture (olive, chestnut and fig), the livestock and forestry (timber trade).

It combines mountain and sea and is a favorite destination for all lover. Visitors can cool off and enjoy the pristinenature of the sources-taps Big Spring, Kardara, Sikia and Bourboulithra. In
region flows the Rakopotamos, emanating from Mavrovouni, where you can find the bridge, made of hewn stone, as well as watermill. Crests “Koutra” (650 m.) And” Kutl”(850 m.) offervisitors panoramic views and tranquility.