The coastal settlement Stomio located at a distance of 9 km. far away from the Omolio, 6 km. far away from Karitsa and 48 km. far away from Larissa. Older name Tsagezi, during the Turkish occupation, which means the mouth of the river because of Penaeus. The existence of many waters has resulted in the creation of habitats that are part of Delta of Penaeus. In the area there are 4 sources of water known as the “Grooves”, Ag. Dimitrios, Ag. Paraskevi “Yataganas”. Source of life are for the residents of Kissavos woodlands around the village.

Around the nipple rescued many Byzantine monuments, as in the Monastery Ag. Dimitriou be paramount and a key destination for tourists. Interesting are carnival festivities in the throat with the carnival parade. Every year on Clean Monday in the village center, offered to attendees cuttlefish with spinach. And on 8-9 / 7 takes place in the square oral or «celebration of the sea» .

Stomio because of its rich golden sandy beach and shallow beach 2 km., is an ideal place for family holidays. Guests can find everything they need as there are many rooms and hotels, coffee bar , taverns etc. The beach of Stomio is suitable for sea sports especially wind surfing. Hallmark of Stomio is a lighthouse on the beach near the port. Stomio operates Camping featuring 200 guest seats fully organized in the period May to September.