Coastline Road Trip

The route along the coast of the prefecture of Larissa is especially beautiful as it traverses a unique landscape characterized by the blue of the sea and the green of Kissavos.

The route starts from the Larissa and reaches Agiokampos where the visitor has the option to go south to Rakopotamos or north to Stomio .
The route Larissa – Agiokampos is close to 50 km and time is approximately one hour.

Route Agiokampos – Rakopotamos

On the way you can visit the Port of Agiokampos , choose to eat in Polydendri , visit the Forest of Polydendri and the stream with waterfalls and Rakopotamos finally swim at the wonderful beaches Papakosta, Rakopotamos and Mylos Glymmeni that are among the best in the county.

Also if you continue uphill path you will reach the traditional village with narrow streets and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, Sklithro .

The route Agiokampos – Rakopotamos is about 15 km and time is about twenty minutes.

Route Agiokampos – Stomio

In this route you can swim in one of the many beaches you will encounter during the journey (most of which are organized).
Most of the beaches have small pebbles and sand and is relatively deep off the beach of Stomio which is sandy and shallow.

Also you can eat fresh fish in one of the many taverns that are found in all coastal villages, water sports on some of the beaches that offer similar facilities (Agiokampos, Velika , Karitsa , trekking of path of Kissavos where there are designated areas for picnics, as at “Aeroprino” and finally try the natural sulfur spring water of Omolio and return to Larissa through the Valley of Tempi.
Also you can continue your way to the New Messagala and Kastri Loutro .

The route Agiokampos – Spout is about 35 km and the time is near 45 minutes.