Mountain Kissavos

The path to Kissavos is unique! Be amazed by the spectacular view of the plain of Larisa, the valley of Tempe and the Aegean Sea. The beauty of nature will enchant you, and certainly the experience will be unforgettable.

The road trip starts from Larissa or from Agiokampos and ends in the village Dimitra where will begin the adventure in Kissavos mount. In the main part of the road trip the main stop points are the villages Anatoli and Spilia, while the end point is the village Karitsa.

The route from Larissa to Dimitra or from Agiokampos to Dimitra is about 25 kilometers and the time is about a half hour.

Road trip Dimitra – Anatoli – Spilia – Karitsa

The first mountain village you meet on the route is Anatoli . Here you can enjoy tsipouro and delicious titbits in the traditional cafes and admire the view from the area called “Golgothas.”

Also here you can visit the Monastery of Saint John.

Then in the route you will find the village Spilia which is also a base for climbers of Kissavos mount. A few kilometers outside the village there is the Kissavos shelter in place “Kanalos” with an altitude of 1604 meters!

Going down now slowly the path becomes more and more exciting. The spectacular view from above the Delta Penaeus and rich vegetation Kissavos are the main characteristics of this last piece of the route.

At the end of the route we can enjoy our coffee at the “balcony of the Aegean”, the scenic Karitsa . Just outside the village on the road to Stomio , there is the Monastery of Agios Dimitrios which definitely worth visiting as this nice place, except sacred, is historian.

The return to Larissa can be done through the highway at Tempi or via the coastal road to Agiokampos.

  • The route Dimitra to Anatoli is about 18 kilometers and the time is about a half hour
  • The route Anatoli to Spilia is about 20 kilometers χωματόδρομο and the time is about an hour
  • The route Spilia to Karitsa is about 25 kilometers χωματόδρομο and the time is about more an hour

Photos – Mountain Kissavos Road Trip