Monastery of Saint Anargiri

Monastery of Saints Anargiroi found about 3 km. outside of the Agia, going to the coastline. Reported to be rebuilt around 1588 AD Its main
characteristic is the two-storey fortified tower with low canopy, who salve. It is single-aisled wooden roof basilica and the elaborate frescoes date
back in time to the 17th century, a period that was also the renovation. Last renovated in 1995.

Located in a green landscape with river by side and in large trees. Across the river in the pits high cliff, survived two hermitages of the monastery
from the 12th century. with paintings on the rock. Visitors can come and see up close the hermitages, climbing the stone and carved the rock

The forest of the monastery is organized so guests can use for food in the countryside and recreation area. It is known for the celebration of 1st May,
where a large crowd gathered and the party is unique.