Monastery of Saint Dimitrios

The Monastery of St. Demetrios, built by the ten monks, on the eastern side of Ossa amidst lush vegetation. You can visit it by going the road from
Velika to Stomio or from Tempi to Velika, just outside the nozzle. It is definitely worth visiting this beautiful area, which in addition is sacred and

According to the findings, in place of the monastery an ancient pagan temple dedicated to an unknown divinity. Also, according to testimonies of
previous abbots of the monastery, the monastery was founded during the empire of Justinian (527-556 AD). If we take into account that in the same area,
near the sea, discovered tombs of the 6th century BC that belonged to the ancient city of Evrimenon, then perhaps the information is true. The
monastery bears the name of old Komnineion, an indication that it is an ‘establishment of the Royal Family Komnenian “. Bears the name “Oikonomeion ‘,
probably by the name of the dissolved during the 10 years of 1860 small settlement” Oikonomeio “. Now it is known as the Monastery of Saint Dimitrios.
Renaming this may have happened in 1578, settling there by monks who arrived from another monastery of St. Demetrius.

During the Revolution of 1821, the monastery has offered important services to fighters. Then were continuous raids Turks who destroyed many relics and
manuscripts of the library. The difficult years that have rolled to the catastrophic events left in history struck the historic monastery by changing
it into a ruin. Next to it stands the new building of the monastery.