Monastery of Saint Panteleimonos

The monastery of St Panteleimon is situated 3 km. outside of the Agia on the road to Melivia. Built in the 13th century. AD and reportedly was left
abandoned for over a century. It consists of the universal, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the tower of the Abbot, the Bank and the wing of the

It is a cruciform building Athonite type with a dome and decorated in 1724 by the Peloponnesian monk Gabriel. Bring three domes, the central and two
smaller, so the monastery was called “Koumpeli”. The most important element is the two-storey tower of the entrance to the chapel on the first floor,
while the cells have collapsed.

In the 1980s he moved female monastic brotherhood, which rebuilt the damaged west wing. But dropped again for a long time. Since 2005 new fraternity
installed by two monks.