Monastery of St. John

The Monastery of St. John the Baptist is located 3.5 km. from the village Anatoli to Agia. Built in the 16th century. AD at an altitude of 1100 m. on
the slopes of Ossa, from San Damiano the Myrichoviti. The Monastery after the Second World War began abandoning deserted until to 2000, when he took to
restore a group of Orthodox nuns of various nationalities.

The nuns have developed a strong ecological and agrotourism activity resulting function showroom ecological products available for sale, such as milk
and dairy products, their derivatives, jams from local fruit, olives and various formulations of mountain herbs. Contribute directly to environmental
protection and is contrary to the use of chemicals on crops in the region. The aim of the monastic community is the restoration of the Old Monastery
which is distinguished from the local architecture and is thessalian cultural heritage.

Near the monastery at a distance of 3 mm., At “Dogantzi ‘, is the hermitage of St. Damian, which is built at the foot of a huge rock.