Port of Agiokampos

Here is placed, according to the latest research, the ancient city Melivia. In excavations of the Archaeological Service in the wooded hill above the
harbor revealed fortified settlement area of ??55 acres, and ancient cemeteries, now not distinguishable due to vegetation. The wall is built of stones
and saves five towers with stones, from the 3rd century. BC . The marble statues, inscriptions and pottery found here and start from the Mycenaean
period, are very important and show the identification of the position by the ancient Melivia, which was strong port town and known commercial activity
in the Aegean sea. It is possible that the city was using as their two physical ports coves located in the south of the modern port. In the
northernmost of these coves preserved in the rock carved scale relic of an ancient temple, which is identified by researchers with that of the
mythical hero Dolopes.

In currencies of Melivia from the 4th century. BC dominated by performances of the vine and Greek ancient God Dionysus, as the wine was the most
important export product, as happened in the region until the 20th century. After its destruction in 168 by the Romans the place is uninhabited since
then and the population shares the surrounding fertile region and the hills, later fortified hill Paliokastro Velika, on the north side of the large bay.