Valley of Tempi

Tempi’s valley in Greece is formed between Olympus and Ossa.
The Valley of Tempi according to ancient reports, created by large earthquake caused rift, from which two big mountains were broken, the “Olympus” and
“Kissavos”. Since fault found an outlet to the sea waters that covered the plain of Thessaly. The area is crossed by the river Pinios between two large
mountains. Easily imagine that a region of rich natural beauty, lush vegetation and long historical significance, incorporated in the European Forestry
Protection Network.
The valley is 10 kilometers long and at its narrowest point of the gorge formed with a width of 25 meters and a depth of about 500 meters.

In Tempe is the traditional church of Agia Paraskevi is built into the rock of Mount Olympus. Linked to the highway suspension bridge which passes over
the river Pinios and is located in a spot of natural beauty.

The chapel is one of the most important shrines of the area, with thousands of visitors each year. Particularly strong is the presence of pilgrims, on
26 July, on the feast of Aghia Paraskevi, the protector of the eyes and the gypsies.
In the same area there are two sources of the “Daphne” and “Venus.”

Tempi are the main crossing from Macedonia to Thessaly for this reason the area was of great importance since ancient times.

The village of Tempe (older name Baba) is built at an altitude of 100 m., located 26 km. far away from Larissa and 7 km. far away from the
Omolio. The few permanent residents engaged in olive production, horticulture and livestock. In the village survives a tower owned by B. Plastara and
a watermill at “Akouria”.