Path Agia Megalovryso

Old-cobbled path that crosses beautiful forest beside a stream which connected in the past Agia with Megalovryso. There marking the environmental characteristics of the route and released map. On or near the path there are important post-Byzantine monuments such as St Nicholas Kerasas, the Twelve Apostles, the Holy Trinity, the Monastery of Our Lady and others.

The Megalovryso (former name Nivoliani = heavenly town in Slavic) has been declared a traditional settlement and its houses (built by locals and workers of Epirus) are characterized by the uniformity of their color.

Informations about Path Agia – Megalovryso

  • The Route:
  • Agia to Megalovryso to stoned streets and paths.

  • Altitude difference:
  • 450 meters

  • Start point:
  • Agia Bridge near Church Agios Nikolaos

  • Duration:
  • 1 hour