Path of Kissavos mount

From the village Spilia following signs after a few kilometers we reach the shelter of Kissavos.

A few meters above the sanctuary there is a fountain with water channel. From here starts the path to the top. In southeastern direction initially move onto the remnants of the old lift that was then in goats path. Our orientation is easy since we aim for the abandoned building of OTE at the end
of the slope. Problem on the orientation will only be in fog (very common in the area) .Tote should constantly follow the red marks on the stones.

The trail leads to a dirt road under the building of OTE and we head to the top of the characteristic ridge leading to the top. Following anymore the back in half an hour we arrive at the top of the mountain with the underground church of Pr. Elias. – Route Recording: Daskaloudis Thanasis

Information about Path to the top of Kissavos mountain

  • the route:
  • The path is about 3 kilometers from the shelter to the top Prophet Elias

  • Altitude difference:
  • 500 meters

  • starting point:
  • Shelter of Kissavos

  • Duration:
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes