Path Polydendri

A unique experience for the visitor, is walking down the only path towards the former royal Forest of Polydendri, where hunting buildings, and the church of Panagia.

The route starts right from the bridge of the stream of bubbles located on the promenade of the
Agiokampos, that goes to the port. We proceed west on the right side of the stream, on asphalt, to the bridge of the road Agiokampos to Polydendri . Pass the asphalt and we continue now on a rural dirt road, having our left the creek with running water and right, land with fruit trees and occasional farmhouses. Moving on we come to a point where we have to pass the stream through water. We continue on the dirt road, we pass a road that descends right into the stream and in a short time we arrive at a junction. There is a road go right down to the stream and the other left. The trail begins just above the left uphill before crossing south into dense vegetation.

After a long march, we find a forest road, which we follow right. At 200 m. left of the road the path continues on a small hill. Ten minutes from this point and while we are in the eastern path, we find a small remataki the pass and go left uphill onto lush vegetation. Here you need some attention because there is no clear path. But we are just below the church of Panagia. North of the church there is a forest road across which the trail continues for 1000 m. to top Pr. Ilias 380 m., With exceptional views of the Skiti and Velika. Returning to the junction go left to the former royal
houses, where the forest road to the right leads us to the church of Panagia.

Information about the path of Polydendri

  • The route:
  • Path in the forest of Polydendri

  • Start point:
  • Bridge of the stream “Boumpoulithra”, in the coast road of Agiokampos