Path Velika Melivia

Velika is one of the most beautiful seaside resort of the prefecture Larissa, bathed in deep blue waters of the Aegean, within orchards of apple, cherry, below the mountain green forest.

Area ideal for peaceful family holidays and vivid entertainments and excursions, as Kissavos in Polydendri in Mavrovouni. It then Agiokampos and Kato Sotiritsa.

The trail passes through the heart of the stream of Velika, with magnificent landscapes with forests of trees, walnut, chestnut and dense ferns. The route is very easy even for school trips.
There are several wooden bridges and do not enter into the water. There are several points along the route benches, wooden tables and faucet with water.

The trail starts near the sea next to the building of Electricians in Velika, a dirt road to the junction left for the Holy Trinity, where the path begins after the gazebo.Pass the intersection left to the old Ano Sotiritsa and we arrive to the two fountains.

Most up a crossing left leads and that the old Sotiritsa. After a while we reach a wooden
bridge and a path leading to a small waterfall with pond forming beautiful gray-green and smooth rocks.

Soon we find a tap water and immediately afterwards benches rest. Pass the large wooden bridge and walk uphill for a while a path to outside the village. There you go left on the road and more
up having the stream on our left we reach the asphalt in the centervillage Melivia .

Informations about the path from Velika to Melivia

  • The route:
  • From Velika to Melivia the route is about 8 Kilometers beside a stream in a fully green environment.

  • Altitude difference:
  • 400 meters

  • Start point:
  • Stream of Velika – Main road, Build of Electricians.

  • Duration:
  • 2:30 hours